Sweater: a tale about gauge

This is a little story about what happens when you don’t check your gauge and other bumps that happen when you crochet.

I still have Vintage Styles for Today on loan from my library. I’ve renewed it several times now and have only completed two projects from it…oops. Anyway I decided to tackle the “Romantic Cardigan” using whatever yarn I had in my stash. And this is what I thought. “I don’t really need to check my gauge. That doesn’t really matter.” Look there is a reason why “check your gauge” is printed next to every single pattern in all caps. Because it actually matters, especially when substituting yarn. DSCN2359 (2)

The colors turned out lovely and I really enjoyed working with the puff stitch for the first time (!) but as you can see it turned out much small and much bulkier than expected.DSCN2357 (2)

Luckily I can just give this away, to someone who it will actually fit.

The other bump in the road I experienced with this project was that my youngest sneaked away with both of my 5 mm hooks and hid them (don’t let this happen to you. Stock up here). He loves to do this. So I sat there one evening with nothing to crochet, my fingers going a little crazy. That’s when my slouchy beanie was created. DSCN2342 (2)

Since this hat is my own design and not from a book maybe I’ll write up the pattern 🙂


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