Anyone who knows me knows that I love bears. Always have since I was little. And since the bear hat that I made turned out so well I thought I would use the same yarn to make a teddy bear. I used a much smaller hook (2.5mm) since I wanted it to be a smallish bear. He’s about 9 inches long.DSCN2378 (2) What I didn’t foresee happening (for some reason) is that small hook + thick yarn = a very thick weave which basically made the pipe cleaners I used inside to make the bear posable basically useless.

I also made Mr. Bear a little red sweater. It actually turned out to be the wrong size, much too large. DSCN2377 (2)My toddler when he saw the bear in the sweater instantly decided that bears should not wear clothes and took the sweater right off. “Bears just wear zero mama.”DSCN2379 (2)


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