Library Visit and a Big Hook

DSCN2434 (2)

I’m very excited about my library haul. The Just Hats book has some really fun ideas to try as does New Ideas For Today’s Crochet although a lot of the patterns in that book are also a little impractical. For example how would a crochet bathing suit even work? Wouldn’t it fall off as soon as it got wet? Also since the book was published in 2006 some of the styles are very early 2000s. Still I counted about six patterns I would like to try.

I also bought two bigger hooks this weekend for this month’s blanket, an 11.5mm and a 15.75mm. I’m using the 11.5 for this project but I promise to try some extreme crochet with the bigger hook someday soon. DSCN2440 (2)

More on that blanket as it unfolds!


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