Another Crochet Doll

DSCN2472 (2)

I’m seriously proud of this little doll. She was born from a desire to make a rag doll (thank you to My Rag Doll for the inspiration) and my lack of sewing machine fabric and thread. So I created a crochet rag doll hybrid. It’s a lot of fun following a pattern but it’s a whole different level of fun to create an original pattern.


2 thoughts on “Another Crochet Doll

  1. She is very cute and looks so happy! Have you heard of Waldorf dolls that are made without mouths so the child can decide the doll’s emotion at any given time? I’m so fascinated by your crochet journey. Yesterday G+G gave the first communicant crocheted chapel veils: pink and white! I wonder if crocheting lace is easier than knitting it.


    1. Thank you! I love Waldorf dolls, I’d like to learn to make them one day. I took out a book from the library all about crochet lace and tried a few patterns but they got the best of me. I’ll revisit it someday and try again because I’ve been thinking a lot about making chapel veils. Actually crocheting lace help get the Irish out of the potato famine because they were crocheting instead of knitting like the rest of the world and so could make lace much faster. Families had there own secret patterns that they would hide any time anyone came over so that they would not get stolen.


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