Bunny Rabbit

Designing and making this bunny is turning out to be a lot of fun with some unexpected challenges. I had a very specific vision in my head and this is how my first attempt turned out.DSCN2734 (3)

Pretty cute right? Here’s what I didn’t like about first attempt. The ears. I wanted them much longer. Also while the pink in the ears is cute it makes them a little hard and not cuddly.

Here is attempt number two. DSCN2758 (4)

The ears are much more cuddly on this guy but the jacket is not quite right (hello inner perfectionist I had no idea existed!). Also I’m having a small issue with the tail. They are made from pompoms and the pieces of yarn can come right out if they are pulled. There must be some sort of fix for that.


One thought on “Bunny Rabbit


    Too cute for words!

    I love the pink inner ears.  The dress and the jacket are great.  I can see where the pompom might be a problem, but nobody even saw the backside.  (Some things are secret.)  

    In general, I think you have grown in you abilities with the hook.  Nice to see the progress through the months.  

    Hope to see you soon!



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