The Number 8

My son’s first word was eight. Every time he sees one he yells out “eight!” just as loud as he can. So I found this handy little pattern and made him one. As it turns out he doesn’t really care for the finished product but my older son loves it so I’m happy. The pattern … More The Number 8

My Dollies

I’ve been making a lot of these dolls lately. They are my own design and so much fun because even though I follow the same general idea for all of them they all turn out so different in ways that I can’t predict. It’s like they take on their own personalities almost in spite of … More My Dollies

Bunny Rabbit

Designing and making this bunny is turning out to be a lot of fun with some unexpected challenges. I had a very specific vision in my head and this is how my first attempt turned out. Pretty cute right? Here’s what I didn’t like about first attempt. The ears. I wanted them much longer. Also … More Bunny Rabbit

A Question For You

I’m loving making these dolls! I really am. And my excitement has me thinking about what would be a good product to add down the road. I thought of three I’d like to make, which one would you like to see first? Thanks everyone!

May’s Blanket

This month’s blanket is a Pooh Bear inspired hooded blanket. I used Lion Brand Yarn in Pittsburgh Yellow and Cincinnati Red with an 11.5 mm hook. It is soft and squishy and warm and just awesome for snuggling (if I do say so myself). I had to go back to the store for more yarn … More May’s Blanket